Bill Powell

About three years ago I decided that I needed to buy a new bike and start riding again. 

After looking at the bike shops in the Ballarat CBD, a friend suggested I go and talk to Dennis Shaw. Dennis listened carefully to what I wanted and what riding I intended to do. 

He then suggested a Giant Cypress hybrid for me to try. He made sure that the bike fitted me correctly (I needed an extra- large frame to begin with) and that I was comfortable riding it.

As my riding pleasure was increasing I decided to enter a few charity bike rides and realised that the hybrid bike was now too heavy. I went back to Dennis and told him that my riding interests had changed. He re-measured me and sold me a Giant Defy road bike which is a beautiful bike to ride on the road. 

I am now riding a bike regularly once a week, even in a Ballarat winter, and depending how I feel and where I want to ride (trails or road), I know that I have two bikes that have been fitted out to suit my body and build thanks to the care and effort that Dennis put in to ensuring that the bikes were set up correctly for me.

Dennis’s experience and knowledge of local roads and riding conditions and his patience in listening to my needs made sure that I had the right bike for my type of riding. Bike riding is fun and enjoyable thanks to Dennis Shaw. I’m never buying an ‘off-the-rack’ bike again! 

I would have no hesitation in recommending that you visit Dennis Shaw and his team if you are interested in buying a bike. 

Thank you for what you have done in making riding a bike such an enjoyable pastime.