Our Services

At Shaw's Cycling Centre we set bikes, we don't just assemble. We build bikes for each customer that purchases a bike from us in order to get the best out of themselves. We listen carefully and use our knowledge to assist you in choosing the right bike. When building your bike we set the height and length of handlebars, seat position and pedal stroke accurately. This doesn't matter whether the customer is riding to the local shop or training for major races they deserve the same service.

Understanding the workings of your bike is so important. We use common everyday words you can understand, not technical jargon. We are black and white in our approach, lovely words last only as long as you hear them but fade quickly when there is no backup service. We strive to make you happy for the lifetime of your bike. The same applies to our repairs, we position most bikes we repair, so the owner no matter what make or model of bike gets the best from their machine.

When you visit our store we will assist, direct and advise with a lifetime of experience in bikes and life itself. The most important part of our business is we listen. We have the reputation because we have earnt it through hard work and commitment to the task at hand. Nothing pleases us more then seeing a happy customer!


Dennis Shaw.